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New HiFi+ Review of the English Acoustics Stereo 41c: A Powerhouse with Heritage and Vision

English Acoustics is thrilled to announce that the prestigious HiFi+ magazine has delivered a magnificent review of our remarkable Stereo 41c amplifier in their November 2023 edition.

Recognizing the Legacy

The Stereo 41c, the flagship amplifier in the English Acoustics lineup, is the embodiment of a rich legacy in the audio industry. Its story begins with Harold Leak's groundbreaking Point One circuit, which offered an exceptional 0.1% harmonic distortion. This circuit served as the foundation for a series of iconic mono and stereo amplifiers.

Engineering Excellence and Local Craftsmanship

English Acoustics' approach to amplification is steeped in engineering excellence and a commitment to local craftsmanship. Every component, from the meticulously designed transformers to the handpicked materials, is carefully sourced and crafted near our Wiltshire base. Our amplifiers, including the Stereo 41c, exemplify the pinnacle of small-scale, precision engineering. While some components like the valves may not be locally sourced, we ensure their quality by using renowned brands like Electro Harmonix, Tung Sol, or New Old Stock Brimar EL506s.

A Feast of Colours

One of the standout features of the Stereo 41c is its striking finish. We offer a wide range of colours for our amplifiers, allowing you to select the perfect hue to match your style and preferences. This level of customization is uncommon in the world of audio electronics but represents our dedication to providing choices beyond the ordinary.

Experience Sound Quality, Redefined

The Stereo 41c hearkens back to an era when sound quality was a given, and this amplifier redefines the essence of audio performance. It's a powerhouse, delivering a robust 30W of power while maintaining exceptional detail, insight, and imaging. Whether you're using modern stand-mount speakers or floorstanders, the Stereo 41c is a perfect companion. Its bespoke transformers ensure superb performance across the frequency spectrum, delivering impressive bass and maintaining its sonic character even at high volumes.

A Sonic Delight

Unlike many power amplifiers today, the Stereo 41c prioritizes musicality over brute force. Its sound is refined, inviting, and emotionally engaging. Regardless of the music genre, you'll find yourself drawn into the music, thanks to its lightness, richness, and a remarkable sense of relaxation.

Looking to the Future

English Acoustics is dedicated to crafting amplifiers that are built to last, exemplified by our Stereo 41c. As we continue to innovate and expand our product range with a valve-based preamplifier soon to join our lineup, our commitment to excellence and performance remains unwavering.

For a detailed review and in-depth insights into the English Acoustics Stereo 41c, head over to HiFi+ magazine's November 2023 issue.

Experience the Magic of English Acoustics

Celebrate excellence with us and explore our lineup of outstanding amplifiers. At English Acoustics, we're proud to carry forward our rich heritage and introduce you to a new era of audio perfection. Discover more by reading the full article in HiFi+ magazine.


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