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Stereo 41c Tube amplifer

Welcome to English Acoustics

Unleash Audio Brilliance: Discover Extraordinary
Tube Amplifiers for an Unparalleled Listening Journey

Tiffany Blue tube valve hifi amplifer

Introducing our exquisite  tube amplifiers

At English Acoustics, we craft the pinnacle of audio perfection.
Our renowned experts push sonic boundaries, delivering transcendent listening experiences.

Meticulous craftsmanship defines each amplifier. Our craftsmen select components with precision, ensuring enduring quality and stunning aesthetics.

Experience a truly moving audio journey. Our amplifiers breathe life into music, revealing profound depths and captivating nuances. Each note resonates with clarity, depth, and emotion, leaving an unforgettable impression.

Embrace the extraordinary. Our amplifiers embody refined audio, meticulously designed by experts and crafted with precision. Elevate your audio experience with English Acoustics.

English Acoustics - Where craftsmanship meets brilliance.

How it works

At English Acoustics, we take pride in crafting the pinnacle of audio perfection. Our team of renowned experts in tube amplifier design brings unrivaled expertise to every product we create. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we push the boundaries of sonic innovation, delivering a listening experience that transcends expectations.


Built by a team with over 100 years of combined experience in design engineering and valve audio design


With manufacturing and hardware design methods used for over 60 years, these amplifiers are built to stand the test of time


Proprietary transformer and circuit design delvers a breathtaking listening experience


Unrivaled tube amplifier performance for power, frequency range and near-zero distortion


Hand-crafted for you with a prestige-car finish in any color you wish; the only limit is your imagination.


A hi-tech tube performance monitoring system ensures extended reliability and compliance with modern safety standards

Third Man Records-yellow tube amplifier

You choose the colour

Uncompromising Excellence, Captivating Sound

stereo 21c valve amplifer in stonehenge silver

Classic British 
design and build

Best-in-class HiFi performance

Up-to-date safety and reliability standards

Available in any colour

Colour samples

Heirloom-class Audio - Built to last


Leak stereo 20 amplifer

A lifetime of service

At English Acoustics, we refuse to compromise on component quality, construction, and finish. The result is a premium product with simply amazing sound.

Peter Commeau, legendary world authority on Hi-Fi remarked: 

"the English acoustics Stereo 41c has a vice-like grip on the bass"

Our amplifiers captivate, creating an immersive experience that keeps you engaged.

Inspired by the mid-20th century design, our amplifiers deliver
the timeless English Acoustics'heirloom-class' experience.


Enjoy decades of exceptional sound with our enduring legacy.

Proudly Built in Britain

All signature components in our amplifiers come from British suppliers which means you can rest assured that unlike some of our competitors, our products are 100% made in Britain.

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