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Stereo 21c

Introducing the English Acoustics Stereo 21c, a Modern-Day Classic. Handcrafted in Britain, this exceptional amplifier showcases the finest transformers and a locally designed and manufactured chassis.

Drawing inspiration from beloved vintage models, the Stereo 21c embraces contemporary design cues and incorporates essential safety features. Immerse yourself in the warm and captivating sound it delivers, with the reassurance of meticulous risk mitigation.

To enhance its performance, we have further refined the internal workings, developing our own mains and audio transformer design. This results in improved cooling, exceptional low-end performance, and a smoother roll-off at the top-end, while preserving the classic punchy mid-range.


What truly sets the English Acoustics Stereo 21c apart is its customizability. We offer hand-built amplifiers in a vast array of colors, limited only by your imagination. To guide your choice, we curated twelve in-house colors inspired by local landmarks, including Lansdowne Gold, Marlborough Red, Avebury Grey, and Brunel Blue, among others. Set the perfect tone with a personalized touch.

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Main Features and Specifications:

14W/channel ultra linear

Less than 0.1% distortion SNR: Better than 90dB reference @ 1W

Frequency response 13Hz – 78KHz (0dB, -3dB)

Valve rectified

Bespoke output transformers designed in-house and made by

a local British manufacturer

Paper in oil and silver mica capacitors

Ceramic gold-plated valve sockets

Thermal, vibration and tilt safety cut out

Point to point hand-wired valve sockets with lead free

silver solder

Digital LCD hour meter

Transformer end caps CNC machined from billet aluminium

Custom English manufactured fixings

Improved timeless classic design

CAD designed steel chassis with laser cut details

Seismic Qualification

Automotive-grade paint finish available in any conceivable color

Comprehensive 12-month warranty

Made in Britain certified

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