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From Old to Gold: The Epic Restoration Journey of Leak TL12+ Amplifiers!

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

At English Acoustics, we wear two hats – not only are we renowned worldwide for crafting cutting-edge tube amplifiers, but we also take delight in restoring vintage audio treasures to their former glory. Today, we're thrilled to share an exciting journey of restoration with a pair of classic Leak TL12+ amplifiers!

The TL12+ are looking worse for wear and have some poor quality modifications

As they arrived at our workshop, the sight was far from impressive – a little worse for wear, these amplifiers had seen better days. But beneath the dust and tarnish lay a piece of history that had once mesmerized audiophiles worldwide.

The Leak TL12+, introduced around 1956, was revolutionary for its time. Utilizing the new "9-pin" power valves in the output stage configured in "ultra-linear" mode, it surpassed the efficiency of its predecessor, the TL12, with its linear triode-connected KT-66's. Producing a power output of 12 Watts with distortion as low as 0.1%, it set new standards for audio reproduction.

Externally the TL12+ will be 'renewed' with the full English Acoustics cosmetic makeover

Our mission is ambitious, not just to restore these beauties to their magnificent cosmetic condition, but also to give them a game-changing upgrade. Our brilliant engineering team is already hard at work, devising a major upgrade to tube hifi technology, and these two units will serve as the prime exhibit for our innovative re-engineering.

Hold your breath as we unveil the transformation – we're doubling their power output and incorporating some of our latest tube audio developments to bestow state-of-the-art performance and unparalleled reliability upon these classics. The Leak TL12+ will rise again, realizing its true potential and reclaiming its spot as an iconic amplifier.

Internally the TL12+ will receive our 21st century re-engineering, done with conservation awareness

This marks the beginning of a thrilling series documenting our restoration journey. Witness the magic unfold as we breathe new life into these once-cherished treasures. From shabby appearances to a breathtaking metamorphosis, it'll be a tale worth telling!

Join us on this adventurous endeavor as we turn these "ugly ducklings" into elegant "swans," infusing them with a new life that resonates with the soul of music. Stay tuned for the upcoming chapters as we pave the way for a symphony of vintage grandeur and modern innovation.


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