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Unveiling the Sonic Spectacle: English Acoustics Shines at Bristol HiFi Show

Greetings, fellow audio aficionados! Let's delve into the captivating showcase that English Acoustics brought to the recent Bristol HiFi show. Their presence was nothing short of electrifying, drawing attendees with the allure of their acclaimed tube amplifiers.

Tube amplifers as far as they eye can see and in colours to please any taste (of course you can choose your colour when you buy one)

Imagine being immersed in the timeless sounds of contemporary and classic tracks reverberating through the room and commanding attention. It was a moment of sonic bliss that resonated with all who were fortunate enough to experience it. Attendees were quick to praise English Acoustics not only for their exceptional sound but also for their discerning music selection. Many remarked that theirs was "the only room playing real music," a sentiment echoed by the thunderous applause that greeted classics like Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love."

The English Acoustics team always love to show the Stereo 41c in action, its a real crowd pleaser

And let's talk about the pièce de résistance: the Marlborough Red painted Gyrodec turntable. This marvel, the sole specimen of its kind, was lovingly crafted in English Acoustics' very own facility. Its striking appearance added a touch of elegance to the exhibit, serving as a visual testament to the brand's commitment to both style and substance.

Table of champions: the unique Michell Gyrodec and the Stereo 41c both sporting a stunning Marlborough Red livery.

But the star players of the show were undeniably the power amplifiers. English Acoustics showcased their award-winning Stereo 21c and Stereo 41c power amplifiers, each delivering an unparalleled audio experience. Attendees were blown away by the Stereo 41c's astounding bass performance, with comments like "Astounding levels of bass from the Stereo 41c" reverberating across social media. Some were left scratching their heads, marveling at how a 30W tube amp could generate such detailed sound and high levels of bass at such high volumes.

English Acoustics CEO Peter Farrow demonstrating the Downton preamp twinned with the Stereo 41c amplifiers

Not to be overshadowed, the world debut of the Downton all-tube preamplifier added another layer of excitement to the exhibit. Visitors were captivated by its stellar performance, making it a star attraction for many.

The new all-tube Downton preamp setting new standards in great looks and audio performance

Moreover, the ambiance was so compelling that its effects extended beyond the confines of the exhibition space. One observer remarked, "I could feel the bass as I walked down the corridor," a testament to the immersive experience created by English Acoustics' sound.

Discerning audiophile Andrew Ponsford wasted no time in sharing his thoughts on social media, declaring, "Best sound in the show." His sentiment resonated with many attendees, echoing throughout the event and validating the exceptional quality of English Acoustics' offerings.

However, the success of the showcase was not merely measured in excitement but also in tangible results. English Acoustics saw significant sales, with 8 Downton preamps and 6 Stereo 41c power amplifiers finding new homes. This outcome reaffirms the unparalleled appeal and quality of their offerings.

The classic Stereo 21c amplifier still packs a punch and is an enduring favorite with discerning audiophiles.

For those who missed the Bristol HiFi show, fear not. The captivating experience offered by English Acoustics' Tube amplifiers awaits you. Simply immerse yourself in your favorite melodies, and let their transformative sound elevate your auditory journey.


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