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Introducing the Pinnacle of Audio Fidelity: Our Tube-Based Phono Preamplifer stage

We are ecstatic to introduce a groundbreaking addition to our esteemed audio repertoire - the much-anticipated Tube-Based Preamp. Spearheaded by our renowned Design Authority, Tim Mellow, our design team has achieved an extraordinary feat in audio engineering: a world-leading near-100% compliance with the revered RIAA frequency response curve. This remarkable achievement sets a new benchmark in hi-fi equipment, signifying the ultimate pursuit of audio accuracy.

Tim Mellow, Design Authority: "Our vision has always been to push the boundaries of audio excellence. Crafting a phono preamp with near-100% RIAA compliance was a true labour of love. The RIAA equalization is pivotal in accurately reproducing the intricate tonal nuances of vinyl records, presenting a musical experience that resonates with pure authenticity."

The RIAA frequency response curve, short for Recording Industry Association of America, is an equalization standard established in the 1950s. Its crucial role lies in correcting the frequency response of vinyl records during playback, compensating for the limitations imposed during the recording process. By restoring the original tonal balance, the RIAA curve ensures that music is reproduced with stunning precision, capturing every note and subtlety as the artist intended.

But that's not all; our Tube-Based Preamp harnesses the incomparable virtues of tube technology, which sets it apart from traditional solid-state preamps. Tubes, or valves, have long been cherished by audiophiles for their warm, rich, and natural sound reproduction. Unlike solid-state preamps, tubes infuse a unique harmonic character, lending an inviting, organic quality to the music that resonates with listeners on an emotional level.

As we build anticipation for the full revelation of our Tube-Based Preamp incorporating this Phono stage in the forthcoming weeks, prepare to immerse yourself in an auditory adventure like never before. Embrace the fusion of technical brilliance and artistic passion, and experience the magic of music with an unprecedented level of fidelity.

Stay tuned for the for more pre-release technical articles ahead of the official announcement, as we can't wait to share this triumph of audio craftsmanship with you.


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