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Simon Leak Visits English Acoustics: Celebrating Legacy and Reinvention

Last week, an exciting event unfolded at the English Acoustics offices as Simon Leak, the son of the renowned tube amplifier manufacturer Henry Leak, paid a visit. To our delight, Simon brought along one of the original Leak amplifiers, providing us with a unique opportunity to repair and revive this iconic piece of audio history. Adding to the excitement, Tim Mellow from Mellow Acoustics joined the gathering, making it a truly memorable occasion.

Amidst the shared passion for exceptional audio, we had the pleasure of listening to our reinvented versions of the original Leak amplifiers. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary, as we celebrated the legacy of Henry Leak while incorporating our own innovative advancements. It was a truly enjoyable time, filled with appreciation for the past, present, and future of tube amplification.

We extend our gratitude to Simon Leak and Tim Mellow for their presence, as their contributions and insights further inspired us to push the boundaries of audio excellence. This remarkable encounter underscores our commitment to honoring tradition while continuously striving for innovation and reinvention.

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